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24/7 Emergency Response Team

Our dedicated technical repair team is at your service around the clock, ready to address any unexpected breakdowns swiftly and efficiently.

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Extensive Replacement Parts Inventory

With a substantial stock of replacement parts on hand, we ensure rapid response to emergency call-outs, minimising downtime for your business.

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Proactive Maintenance Approach

While we diligently service extraction installations to reduce the risk of breakdowns, we understand that wear and tear is inevitable. Our proactive approach anticipates potential issues, allowing us to act swiftly when needed.

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Business Continuity Assurance

Our responsive solutions aim to prevent disruptions to your operations, and in cases where downtime is unavoidable, we prioritise quick restoration to have your ventilation equipment back up and running promptly.


About Us

Nationwide Fan Repairs is a leading provider of comprehensive planned and reactive maintenance services for commercial kitchen ventilation systems. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we ensure optimal performance and compliance for our clients. From routine inspections to emergency repairs, we specialise in keeping kitchen environments safe, efficient, and compliant. Elevate your kitchen ventilation system's reliability with Nationwide Fan Repairs – your trusted partner in maintaining a healthy and productive commercial kitchen.

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